Why you should outsource your house cleaning

Why you should outsource your house cleaning

I don’t know many people who like cleaning. We work long hours these days with peak hour travel and overtime. When you come home you just want to relax – in a clean house!

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We surveyed our customers to find out how they ranked what they didn’t like about cleaning and these are the results (in order);

  1. The grind of constantly having to clean
  2. The guilt you feel when you put cleaning off
  3. Find the motivation to do cleaning
  4. Finding the time to do cleaning

So let’s spell this out;

The biggest reason why people don’t like house cleaning is the grind of constantly having to clean.

You feel great once you’ve done some cleaning but then a few days later you have to summons up all that motivation to do it again. As if the grind travelling to work every day isn’t bad enough, cleaning just adds insult to injury.

We often talk about work-life balance but in reality it’s a pipe dream for most of us. If you want to get that promotion or pay rise you have to work hard. I’ve never seen anyone say, “right, I’m going to pull back a bit and focus a bit more on work-life balance. That project with the tight deadline that will lock in that account – sorry, going home at 5 on the button. That critical phone call on the weekend needing information only I have – sorry, I’m throwing a frisbee”, and do it let alone increase their professional standing.

Work-life balance is great in theory, and hats off to the small percentage who can do it, but for most people it’s just not realistic. So how can we achieve this balance? The answer is simple;

Stop dreaming about work-life balance and start implementing chore-life balance.

Outsource your cleaning. Reduce your chores to stacking and un-stacking the dishwasher and some ad hoc tidying. That stress from the grind of having to constantly clean, as well as the guilt from putting it off will disappear. It will cost but it’s way more realistic than cutting back at work. If you cut back at work then you’ll earn less either directly through reduced hours or indirectly through missed pay rises. So which is better? Cutting down your pay packet and having to keep cleaning all the time? Or keeping and potentially increasing your pay packet and paying someone to do your cleaning?

Coming home from work to a clean house, or the comfort of not having to think about cleaning on the weekend (in your clean house) is better than any work-life balance plan I have ever seen.

Looking for a house cleaner or apartment cleaner in Darwin?

Now that you understand the benefits of outsourcing your cleaning, you’ll need to find a house cleaner who can help.

Darwin Cleaners can help you put together  a plan that suits you best. You can reach out to us by either calling us now on or sending through a quote request.


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