Regular Cleaning


Sick and tired of cleaning? Darwin Cleaners provides regular house cleaning to help you attain a better chore-life balance.

Doing house hold cleaning is stressful. It’s not so much doing it, it’s finding the time and motivation to do it. The stressful part is the guilt you feel from not doing it or putting it off. Then there’s also the grind of constantly having to clean over and over again.

“The stressful part of cleaning is the guilt you feel from not doing it or putting it off”

What regular cleaning does is give you some of your life back. That lingering stress you always have knowing you have to clean, well that goes away and that is worth its weight in gold. Not only do you have a house/unit/apartment etc  that is always clean, you get to spend time doing what you want, stress free!

The benefits of outsourcing your house cleaning;

  • No longer feel guilty for putting off cleaning
  • No stress thinking about cleaning
  • More time to do what you want to do
  • Your house doesn’t lapse because you put off all those “little cleaning jobs”
  • A house that is always clean or not far from it

Furthermore, we don’t do lock-in contracts. We understand peoples’ lives and circumstances change. We work with our clients long term and we understand that sometimes they takes a break from outsourcing their cleaning. Darwin Cleaners are flexible so you can get the service you want.

At Darwin Cleaners we can tailor a cleaning solution specific to your needs so you can get some of your life back. We have a number of off the shelf plans that may suit, or we can design one specifically for you. Our suggestion is our “Darwin Cleaners 3-Tier Plan” that splits tasks into cleaning tasks into weekly, monthly, and quarterly cycles. Some tasks, while good to keep on top of them, are not cost effective to clean every week. We have suggested splits and plans but if you want to tweak them to fit better with you, then that’s not a problem.

Click here to see an example of a common Darwin Cleaners 3-Tier Plan

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 If you’re considering outsourcing your cleaning then reach out to us. We can help you design a tailored cleaning plan. Some of our clients have a trial and error period when they first start and tweak their plan as they go until they find the right balance. Of course because we don’t have lock-in contracts it makes this easy to do. A lot of other cleaning companies have one-size fits all solutions but we find them lacking on a number of fronts. Firstly it’s not flexible, and secondly only the basics gets cleaned so when you have that quarterly clean (oven, fridge etc) you either have to do it yourself or get a quote to do ad hoc work which is usually at a higher rate.

To have a discussion with one of our cleaning professional about what options you have in terms of cleaning plans, either give us a call or fill out our Quote Request Form.