Leather Sofa Cleaning


Darwin Cleaners can clean your leather sofa (leather couch). Leather furniture should be cleaned once per year to keep it moist and protected. If you don’t look after it the leather can become brittle. If you have a white or light coloured leather sofa then not only do you need to keep the leather moist but it will get pretty dirty after 12 months through no other reason than just sitting on it.

How to care for your leather furniture;

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Avoid heat – don’t place heaters close by
  • Don’t sit on leather furniture when sweaty – perspiration is acidic so if you’re just been to the gym, for a run or mowed the lawn, avoid sitting on your leather furniture
  • Keep moisture away such as hanging drying clothes on your leather furniture
  • Keep pets off or make sure you trim and file their nails
  • Clean and apply protective guard annually using leather care products annually

Why you should clean your leather furniture annually

Leather for furniture (sofas, couches, lounges etc) is a great choice as it looks great, it’s durable and it’s low maintenance. However, you should clean your leather couch at least once per year. Leather is oily and needs to maintain the oil to stay soft and supple. If you leave it, you risk the more worn place of becoming brittle and cracking. Stains on leather couches more often than not are from build up of dirt over a long period of time. If you give your leather sofa a clean annually then you are preventing build up that will eventually cause stains.

How to clean your leather sofa

  1. Read the care instructions that come with your leather upholstery. If you no longer have the instructions then look them up on the internet. There are different types of leather than will have different cleaning requirements. Your leather couch is either going to be protected leather or unprotected leather. Determine which type it is.
  2. Don’t use homemade solutions that are advised on the internet. Not only might it void your warranty but vinegar is best left on a salad. A proper leather cleaning agent does not cost a lot and can be purchased at your local hardware store and store that sells furniture.
  3. Vacuum dirt and dust from crevices
  4. Test a small area first to make sure it doesn’t damage or discolour
  5. Clean from top first down to bottom
  6. Use a clean cloth with your professional leather care product and make sure it is damp rather than dripping
  7. Use circular motions as opposed to back and forth or up and down.
  8. Wipe down with different dry clean cloth at the end

If you don’t want to do it yourself

Cleaning leather sofas and leather furniture is not high on most peoples’ likeable chores. If your sofa is looking worn (especially white ones) then the team at Darwin Cleaners can do it for you. We can do it quicker and cleaner.

If you would rather call in a professional cleaner to make your leather upholstery look brand new as well as helping it last longer, give us a call or send us a QUOTE REQUEST. We’ll come back to you asap.